Cells for New life

Diseases treated with stem cells

Metabolic disorders

  • E70

    Disorders of aromatic amino-acid metabolism

  • E70.0

    Classical phenylketonuria

  • E70.1

    Other hyperphenylalaninaemias

  • E70.2

    Disorders of tyrosine metabolism. Includes: Alkaptonuria. Hypertyrosinaemia. Ochronosis. Tyrosinaemia. Tyrosinosis

  • E70.8

    Other disorders of aromatic amino-acid metabolism. Includes: Disorders of: • histidine metabolism • tryptophan metabolism

  • E70.9

    Disorder of aromatic amino-acid metabolism, unspecified

  • E71

    Disorders of branched-chain amino-acid metabolism and fatty-acid metabolism

  • E71.0

    Maple-syrup-urine disease

  • E71.1

    Other disorders of branched-chain amino-acid metabolism. Includes: Hyperleucine-isoleucinaemia. Hypervalinaemia. Isovaleric acidaemia. Methylmalonic acidaemia. Propionic acidaemia

  • E71.2

    Disorder of branched-chain amino-acid metabolism, unspecified

  • E71.3

    Disorders of fatty-acid metabolism. Includes: Adrenoleukodystrophy [Addison-Schilder]. Muscle carnitine palmityltransferase deficiency

  • E72

    Other disorders of amino-acid metabolism

  • E72.0

    Disorders of amino-acid transport. Includes: Cystine storage disease. Cystinosis. Cystinuria. Fanconi(-de Toni)(-Debré) syndrome. Hartnup's disease. Lowe's syndrome

  • E72.1

    Disorders of sulfur-bearing amino-acid metabolism. Includes: Cystathioninuria. Homocystinuria. Hyperhomocysteinemia. Methioninaemia. Sulfite oxidase deficiency

  • E72.2

    Disorders of urea cycle metabolism. Includes: Argininaemia. Argininosuccinic aciduria. Citrullinaemia. Hyperammonaemia

  • E72.3

    Disorders of lysine and hydroxylysine metabolism. Includes: Glutaric aciduria. Hydroxylysinaemia. Hyperlysinaemia

  • E72.4

    Disorders of ornithine metabolism. Includes: Ornithinaemia (types I, II)

  • E72.5

    Disorders of glycine metabolism. Includes: Hyperhydroxyprolinaemia. Hyperprolinaemia (types I, II). Non-ketotic hyperglycinaemia. Sarcosinaemia

  • E72.8

    Other specified disorders of amino-acid metabolism. Includes: Disorders of: • β-amino-acid metabolism • gamma-glutamyl cycle

  • E72.9

    Disorder of amino-acid metabolism, unspecified

  • E73

    Lactose intolerance

  • E73.0

    Congenital lactase deficiency

  • E73.1

    Secondary lactase deficiency

  • E73.8

    Other lactose intolerance

  • E73.9

    Lactose intolerance, unspecified

  • E74

    Other disorders of carbohydrate metabolism

  • E74.0

    Glycogen storage disease. Includes: Cardiac glycogenosis. Disease:• Andersen • Cori • Forbes • Hers • McArdle • Pompe • Tarui • Tauri • von Gierke. Liver phosphorylase deficiency

  • E74.1

    Disorders of fructose metabolism. Includes: Essential fructosuria. Fructose-1,6-diphosphatase deficiency. Hereditary fructose intolerance

  • E74.2

    Disorders of galactose metabolism. Includes: Galactokinase deficiency. Galactosaemia

  • E74.3

    Other disorders of intestinal carbohydrate absorption. Includes: Glucose-galactose malabsorption. Sucrase deficiency

  • E74.4

    Disorders of pyruvate metabolism and gluconeogenesis. Includes: Deficiency of: • phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase • pyruvate: • carboxylase • dehydrogenase. Disorders of fructose metabolism. Includes: Essential fructosuria. Fructose-1,6-diphosphatase deficiency. Hereditary fructose intolerance

  • E74.8

    Other specified disorders of carbohydrate metabolism. Includes: Essential pentosuria, Oxalosis, Oxaluria, Renal glycosuria

  • E74.9

    Disorder of carbohydrate metabolism, unspecified

  • E75

    Disorders of sphingolipid metabolism and other lipid storage disorders

  • E75.0

    GM2 gangliosidosis. Includes: Disease: • Sandhoff • Tay-Sachs. GM2 gangliosidosis: • NOS • adult • juvenile

  • E75.1

    Other gangliosidosis. Includes: Gangliosidosis: • NOS • GM1 • GM3 Mucolipidosis IV

  • E75.2

    Other sphingolipidosis. Includes: Disease: • Fabry(-Anderson) • Gaucher • Krabbe • Niemann-Pick Faber's syndrome. Metachromatic leukodystrophy. Sulfatase deficiency

  • E75.3

    OSphingolipidosis, unspecified

  • E75.4

    Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis. Includes: Disease: • Batten • Bielschowsky-Jansky • Kufs • Spielmeyer-Vogt

  • E75.5

    Other lipid storage disorders. Includes: Cerebrotendinous cholesterosis [van Bogaert-Scherer-Epstein]. Wolman's disease

  • E75.6

    Lipid storage disorder, unspecified

  • E76

    Lipid storage disorder, unspecified

  • E76.0

    Mucopolysaccharidosis, type I. Includes: Syndrome: • Hurler • Hurler-Scheie • Scheie

  • E76.1

    Mucopolysaccharidosis, type II. Includes: Hunter's syndrome

  • E76.2

    Other mucopolysaccharidoses. Includes: _-Glucuronidase deficiency. Mucopolysaccharidosis, types III, IV, VI, VII. Syndrome: Maroteaux-Lamy (mild) (severe), Morquio (-like) (classic), Sanfilippo (type B) (type C) (type D)

  • E76.3

    Mucopolysaccharidosis, unspecified

  • E76.8

    Other disorders of glucosaminoglycan metabolism

  • E76.9

    Disorder of glucosaminoglycan metabolism, unspecified

  • E77

    Disorders of glycoprotein metabolism

  • E77.0

    Defects in post-translational modification of lysosomal enzymes. Includes: Mucolipidosis II: • [I-cell disease] • I [pseudo-Hurler polydystrophy]

  • E77.1

    Defects in glycoprotein degradation. Includes: Aspartylglucosaminuria.Fucosidosis. Mannosidosis. Sialidosis [mucolipidosis I]

  • E77.8

    Other disorders of glycoprotein metabolism

  • E77.9

    Disorder of glycoprotein metabolism, unspecified

  • E78

    Disorders of lipoprotein metabolism and other lipidaemias

  • E78.0

    Pure hypercholesterolaemia. Includes: Familial hypercholesterolaemia. Fredrickson's hyperlipoproteinaemia, type IIa. Hyperbetalipoproteinaemia. Hyperlipidaemia, group A. Low-density-lipoprotein-type [LDL] hyperlipoproteinaemia

  • E78.1

    Pure hyperglyceridaemia. Includes: (Essential) hypertriglyceridaemia. Endogenous hyperglyceridaemia. Fredrickson's hyperlipoproteinaemia, type IV. Hyperlipidaemia, group B. Hyperprebetalipoproteinaemia. Very-low-density-lipoprotein-type [VLDL] hyperlipoproteinaemia

  • E78.2

    Mixed hyperlipidaemia. Includes: Broad- or floating-betalipoproteinaemia. Fredrickson's hyperlipoproteinaemia, type IIb or III. Hyperbetalipoproteinaemia with prebetalipoproteinaemia. Hypercholesterolaemia with endogenous hyperglyceridaemia. Hyperlipidaemia, group C. Tubero-eruptive xanthoma. Xanthoma tuberosum

  • E78.3

    Hyperchylomicronaemia. Includes: Fredrickson's hyperlipoproteinaemia, type I or V. Hyperlipidaemia, group D. Mixed hyperglyceridaemia

  • E78.4

    Other hyperlipidaemia. Includes: Familial combined hyperlipidaemia

  • E78.5

    Hyperlipidaemia, unspecified

  • E78.6

    Lipoprotein deficiency. Includes: Abetalipoproteinaemia. High-density lipoprotein deficiency. Hypoalphalipoproteinaemia. Hypobetalipoproteinaemia (familial). Lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase deficiency. Tangier disease

  • E78.8

    Other disorders of lipoprotein metabolism

  • E78.9

    Disorder of lipoprotein metabolism, unspecified

  • E79

    Disorders of purine and pyrimidine metabolism

  • E79.0

    Hyperuricaemia without signs of inflammatory arthritis and tophaceous disease. Includes: Asymptomatic hyperuricaemia

  • E79.1

    Lesch-Nyhan syndrome

  • E79.8

    Other disorders of purine and pyrimidine metabolism. Includes: Hereditary xanthinuria

  • E79.9

    Disorder of purine and pyrimidine metabolism, unspecified

  • E80

    Disorders of porphyrin and bilirubin metabolism

  • E80.0

    Hereditary erythropoietic porphyria. Includes: Congenital erythropoietic porphyria. Erythropoietic protoporphyria

  • E80.1

    Porphyria cutanea tarda

  • E80.2

    Other porphyria. Includes: Hereditary coproporphyria. Porphyria: NOS, acute intermittent (hepatic), variegata

  • E80.3

    Defects of catalase and peroxidase. Includes: Acatalasia [Takahara]

  • E80.4

    Gilbert's syndrome

  • E80.5

    Crigler-Najjar syndrome

  • E80.6

    Other disorders of bilirubin metabolism. Includes: Dubin-Johnson syndrome. Rotor's syndrome

  • E80.7

    Disorder of bilirubin metabolism, unspecified

  • E83

    Disorders of mineral metabolism

  • E83.0

    Disorders of copper metabolism. Includes: Menkes' (kinky hair)(steely hair) disease. Wilson's disease

  • E83.1

    Disorders of iron metabolism

  • E83.10


  • E83.18

    Other disorders of iron metabolism

  • E83.19

    Disorders of iron metabolism, unspecified

  • E83.2

    Disorders of zinc metabolism. Includes: Acrodermatitis enteropathica

  • E83.3

    Disorders of phosphorus metabolism and phosphatases. Includes: Acid phosphatase deficiency. Familial hypophosphataemia. Hypophosphatasia. Vitamin-D-resistant: osteomalacia, rickets

  • E83.5

    Disorders of calcium metabolism. Includes: Familial hypocalciuric hypercalcaemia. Idiopathic hypercalciuria

  • E83.8

    Other disorders of mineral metabolism

  • E83.9

    Disorder of mineral metabolism, unspecified

  • E84

    Cystic fibrosis. Includes: mucoviscidosis

  • E84.0

    Cystic fibrosis with pulmonary manifestations

  • E84.1

    Cystic fibrosis with intestinal manifestations

  • E84.8

    Cystic fibrosis with other manifestations. Includes: Cystic fibrosis with combined manifestations

  • E84.9

    Cystic fibrosis, unspecified

  • E85


  • E85.0

    Non-neuropathic heredofamilial amyloidosis. Includes: Familial Mediterranean fever. Hereditary amyloid nephropathy

  • E85.1

    Neuropathic heredofamilial amyloidosis. Includes: Amyloid polyneuropathy (Portuguese)

  • E85.2

    Heredofamilial amyloidosis, unspecified

  • E85.3

    Secondary systemic amyloidosis. Includes: Haemodialysis-associated amyloidosis

  • E85.4

    Organ-limited amyloidosis. Includes: Localized amyloidosis

  • E85.8

    Other amyloidosis

  • E85.9

    Amyloidosis, unspecified

  • E88

    Disorders of plasma-protein metabolism, not elsewhere classified

  • E88.1

    Lipodystrophy, not elsewhere classified. Includes: Lipodystrophy NOS

  • E88.2

    Lipomatosis, not elsewhere classified. Includes: Lipomatosis: NOS, dolorosa [Dercum]

  • E88.8

    Other specified metabolic disorders

  • E88.80

    Metabolic syndrome. Includes: Dysmetabolic syndrome. Insulin resistance syndrome. Syndrome X

  • E88.88

    Other specified metabolic disorders. Includes: Launois-Bensaude adenolipomatosis. Trimethylaminuria

  • E88.9

    Metabolic disorder, unspecified

  • E89

    Postprocedural endocrine and metabolic disorders, not elsewhere classified

  • E89.0

    Postprocedural hypothyroidism. Includes: Postirradiation hypothyroidism. Postsurgical hypothyroidism

  • E89.4

    Postprocedural ovarian failure

  • E89.5

    Postprocedural testicular hypofunction

  • E89.6

    Postprocedural adrenocortical(-medullary) hypofunction

  • E89.8

    Other postprocedural endocrine and metabolic disorders

  • E89.9

    Postprocedural endocrine and metabolic disorder, unspecified

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